Saturday, December 16, 2017

United Nation's Peacekeepers to take over Chicago???...

if it's left up to Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin they will.

I thought at first this was a joke. It only took me about 3 minutes to discover that it is most assuredly not a joke.

This mook has has met with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and is hoping he can persuade them to come to Chicago and stop the "genocide" against the blacks. He does grudgingly admit that most of the blacks being killed are being killed by other blacks.

He thinks since the U.N. is used to working against genocide in places like Africa, they can also do a great job in Chicago. Did he just compare the black neighborhoods of Chicago to Africa? Why, yes - yes he did.

Is this even legal?

Chicago Year to Date (source)

Shot & Killed: 603
Shot & Wounded: 2856
Total Shot: 3459
Total Homicides: 652

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama election: Time to move on...

I was wrong.

Moore lost, which is not the end of the world.

Moving on now.

See you all later.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Roy Moore rides to fire station to vote...

it's clear he's no stranger to horses.

Beautiful horses...

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Jump starting Monday...

unlike most peeps, I love Mondays.  

It's like starting over 52 times a year.  Who needs New Year's resolutions?  My dandy little ordre du jour is sitting on my desk waiting to have items x'd out when completed. I'm sure this will be the week I get it all right and blast through my must dos.

I've been thinking...

Three words (four if you count 've as a word)  that strike fear into those who know me.

The Roy Moore election and the proliferation of sexual assault accusations are on top of my list.  I've not the time nor the inclination to write about it yet, but a few key concepts include "sexual revolution", "equality", and "feminism."  It's sure to garner me some hate mail. 

Roy Moore?  He will win tomorrow.  Looking forward to libtards howling at the sky.  

Bombs Boobs? Away

Stealing the spotlight for this fine day is an inept Bangladeshi bomber in NY who, as the pictures show, may have some problems with connecting his manly bits with his 72 virgins when he finally pops off.  Velcro and zip ties?  Good grief. 

Justice for Justine Damond?

Ms Damond was shot by a Somali born police officer, Mohamed Noor, in Minneapolis on July 15 and subsequently died.  There was one witness to the shooting - Noor's partner.  Noor has refused to be interviewed, which is his right.

Question is - how long do you need to investigate a shooting that involves only three people - the dead victim (who also declined to be interviewed), the shooter, and the shooter's partner? 

The prosecutor is expected to dump his decision, probably Christmas Eve or some other low news day, on the case before the end of the year. Minneapolis is bracing for strong reactions no matter which why the decision goes.

The difference is if Noor is charged there will be riots that the lying and venomous MSM will call "protests."  If he is not charged there will be none.


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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Second Sunday of Advent...


Preparing our Hearts and asking for the Grace

We prepare this week by stepping up the longing.  We move through this week by naming deeper and more specific desires.

Each morning this week, if even for that brief moment at the side of our beds, we want to light a second inner candle.  We want to let it represent “a bit more hope.”  Perhaps we can pause, breathe deeply and say,
Lord, I place my trust in you."

Each day this week, as we encounter times that are rushed, even crazy, we can take that deep breath, and make that profound prayer.  Each time we face some darkness, some experience of “parched land” or desert, some place where we feel “defeated” or “trapped,” we hear the words, “Our God will come to save us!” 
The grace we desire for this week is to be able to hear the promise and to invite our God to come into those real places of our lives that dearly need God's coming.  We want to be able to say: 

Lord, I place my trust in your promise.  Please, Lord, rouse your power and come into this place in my life, this relationship, into this deep self-defeating pattern.  Please come here and save me.

Each night this week we can look back over the day and give thanks for the moments of deep breath, that opened a space for more trust and confidence in God's fidelity to us.  No matter how difficult the challenges we are facing - from the growing realization of our personal sinfulness, to any experience of emptiness or powerlessness, even in the face of death itself - we can give thanks for the two candles that faithfully push back the darkness.  And, we can give thanks for the graces given us to believe that “Our God will come to save us” because we were given the courageous faith to desire and ask boldly.

Come, Lord Jesus.  Come and visit your people. 
We await your coming.  Come, O Lord.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Open Line Friday...

yeah - I stole that from Rush.

Let's just talk about anything and everything today.

Some prompts:

  1. Roy Moore 
  2. Israel
  3. Beautiful Melania
  4. Chunky or creamy?
As for me, I have assembled the two new chairs (remind me not to buy chairs that need assembly.)  It wasn't the least bit hard - just tedious and time consuming, but they are quite beautiful.  I purchased them from Wayfair who have some very decent looking furniture as well as a myriad of other things for the home.  As always when shopping online, read the description carefully, and read the comments.   

So today I will catch up on work that was put aside while I dealt with the chairs.  And tonight I will attend a sung Mass for the the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pamela Geller on "Reform" Jews...

which begged the question, "What the hell is a reformed Jew?"

And this sort of thing is what eats up my time.

It's a habit of mine to do at least minimal research on a topic before flapping my gums. 

Several years ago I cleared up Messianic Jew - another oddity if you ask me.

Pam writes in her article, Leftist U.S. Jews Slam Trump Over Jerusalem Move, Warn of ‘Destructive Consequences’, that the "reform" Jews are all in a tizzy over Trump declaring Jerusalem the capitol of Israel. 

The conclusion I reached is reform Jews are sort of like cafeteria Catholics.  These people just pick and choose what they like about a religion and ignore what they don't like. 

The difference between Jews and Catholics is a Jew can be an ethnic definition as well as a religion, whereas being Catholic isn't ethnic. 

That being said, one of the notable things (to me) about reform Jews is their casting out the traditions, many of the holidays, prayers, and other flotsam and jetsam that impedes how they lead their lives. 

Nothing is going to stop them from calling themselves Jews, just as Catholics for Choice can parade around calling themselves Catholic, but the only people they're fooling is themselves.

Pam's article is good and well worth a read. 


After you've read Pam, head over and read this piece of clap trap:

The Blaze:  Colleges across America promote taking Christ out of Christmas (yeah, right - I'll get right on that.  Dopes!)

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Al Franken: Will He or Won't He?... w/Update

resign - that is.

We already know what he did do 'cause he said so.

Since it was Minnesota I thought all this time they were talking about gophers.  Then I discovered they were saying gropers. 

Franken is scheduled to speak at 11:45 ET. I'm guessing C-Span will broadcast it live for those who are interested.  


He just couldn't miss the chance to bash Trump and Moore.  What a crap weasel!

How long before he moves away from Minnesota? 

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trump formally recognizes Jerusalem capital of Israel...

about time!

We know it's the right thing to do because lefty heads are exploding - in particular the muzzies.  And do we care?  Nope, no, nein , non, and finally קיין.

It's has now become so easy to decide on the right thing to do.  Always look at what the libtards support and do the exact opposite.

And also look into the faces of the mobs, and then make your decision.

Pissed off peeps in Gaza

You didn't really think I was going to pass up a chance to post a kitteh pic, did you?

So Who are the Real Fascists?...

and it's not the right.

I'm tired of Trump being called a fascist by the ignorant libtards who couldn't even give you a definition of the word or have the least understanding of the movement.

Dinesh D'Souza gives you a short and concise explanation of who the real fascists are.



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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Trump's travel ban and tax plan...

according to the libtards the world is coming to an end.

No it's not, and I'm not buying into the hysteria and hyperbole.  How many times can you predict the end of the world before people stop paying attention?  I've think the left has reached the point of nonsense fatigue.

A quick peek at the comments on Huff and Puff (no link on purpose) is all one needs to see how cray-cray the left really is.
New Chairs

I have better things to do - like assemble my two new dining room chairs, fluff up my outside Christmas wreath with a few new doo-dads, and go to the grocery store for much needed veggies.

Weight Watchers this week:

Down another 2.4 lbs for a total of 14 lbs lost.

WW has changed their program slightly allowing certain foods like eggs, fish, beans, and white chicken meat to log in at zero points.  Almost all veggies are already zero points.  It really is more in line with Primal eating and a good move.  It's pretty much what I've been doing anyway.

While my points have been lowered to 23 from 30, I'm still having trouble using them all each day. 

Which brings me to Trump's eating habits.  Melania needs to clamp down on his Big Macs and Fish Fillet sandwiches.  Donald is getting a bit fluffy and we need him healthy for the next seven years. 

Roy Moore

One week until the special election.  I predict Roy Moore will win.

Supreme Court to announce verdict in the Masterpiece Bakery cake baking case today?

It's a clear case (IMO) of some very hateful people trying to force someone else to do something they don't want to do.  Homosexuals have plenty of places to buy their cakes for their fake "marriage" ceremony.  It's as simple as that.  American Thinker has a good article on what's really going on and WND weighs in with CHRISTIAN BAKER: SUPREME COURT FIGHT NOT ABOUT CAKE

And now for something of utmost importance to everyone in our fair country:

Resisting the surveillance state

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Monday, December 4, 2017

President Trump at Utah State Capitol 12/4/17...

always a pleasure to hear from the president.

"Christmas is back"

Much of the land is being returned to Utah from the feds.  Can Idaho have it's land back too????

Not tired of winning!

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Crazy Minnesota Mayor provides us with a lesson on how not to argue with a SJW...

and a few other lessons as well.

Is it something in the water of Minnesota (or possibly the snow combined with some virulent mosquito-borne virus)  that makes people so nuts?

Below you will see the mentally ill Mayor of New Brighton, Minnesota launch into a tirade against skeptic of 'White Privilege', during Cultural Marxist focus group.

SJW Val Johnson
Witness two SJW women, the mayor of New Brighton, MN, Val Johnson, and Councilwoman Mary Burg, babbling about "white privilege."  Councilwoman Gina Bauman,  makes a logical and polite defense against the concept of "white privilege.

Immediately, and right on cue, the mayor accuses her of racism.  To her credit, Ms Bauman, quite rightly defends herself and denies any racism, but she did it incorrectly.

Listen up here folks because this is important:

Do not allow someone to put you in the position of defending yourself.  You've already lost when you do that.  Instead, loudly and firmly declare the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) a racist.  Accuse them of holding the belief that people of color are too stupid or weak to hold a job or lead a morally upright life without the help of white people. Declare their position abhorrent and keep repeating your charge of racism against the SJW.  Make them defend their position. 

Ms Bauman brought up her immigrant roots and also made the classic mistake I call "some of my best friends are black" argument as though these things will validate her opinion to the attacking SJW.  It will not, because the SJW doesn't care.

They navigate life based on emotions.  If you argue against their position with logic, you'll lose.  Actually, if you argue at all you've already lost.  You must attack back immediately with bigger and bolder emotions. 

This mayor followed the classic Alinsky tactics.  Say anything you wish with not one shred of fact based evidence to back up your claim and force the other person into the position of defending themselves.  It's all about "feelings", doncha know.

As noted above, anyone who disagrees with the SJW is loudly declared a racist, sexist, homophobe, or any of the other phobes or isms they can throw into the conversation.

SJW kitteh
When that doesn't seem to be working, the SJW will simply turn on them and tell them to shut up, followed closely by a declaration of passion over the subject, and will become a virtue signaling hysterics-machine crying victim hood.

As abhorrent as it is for a logical person to resort to Alinsky type tactics, you must make use of Alinsky rule number four -“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules" when dealing with these emotion driven people. 

Other Observations

We have a country chock full of women infected with toxic feminism.  They loudly spew forth the idea that women and men are just alike - no, actually they think women are better, smarter, and more moral than men.  They try to ignore the fact that women operate more on an emotional level while men tend to be more factual, and there is nothing wrong with that.  The sexes are supposed to compliment each other.  The exchange with the woman on this council backs up what I'm saying.  Except for Gina Bauman, the other two are acting like hysterical menopausal women having a major hot flash.

About Those "Men"

Lest you think I'm only going to bash feminists today, take a good hard look at those paunchy, bored, weak people who call themselves men.  On what sunny beach is their manhood vacationing to allow being set upon by these hysterical overwrought women?  Not one of them dares step up to defend Ms Bauman.  Even if, as I suspect, they're the new male feminists, what man would allow a person, male or female, to insult their colleague in such a manner? 

According to CityPages, not shown in this video "things chilled when City Manager Dean Lotter diplomatically intervened. He didn't want to lose sight of the fact "that everyone around this table" has the same goal "to know people feel good" about living in New Brighton.

I have news for you wimp - it's your job to run the city and that does not include making people feel good about living there. 

The Most Shocking of All

The city of New Brighton, nestled between commie strongholds of St. Paul and Minneapolis, re-elected this woman to be their mayor.

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

First Sunday of Advent...

it begins.

Just for today let us set aside everything vexing and start our preparations for the coming of our Lord.

The following is from Creighton University's Online Ministry.  Please bookmark and visit every day for the daily prayers for Advent.  It's free and a wonderful resource for all Christians.  

From: Creighton University's Online Ministries

As we begin Advent, we light one candle in the midst of all the darkness in our lives and in the world.  It symbolizes our longing, our desire, our hope.  Three “advents” or “comings” shape our desire.  We want to be renewed in a sense that Jesus came to save us from our sin and death.  We want to experience his coming to us now, in our everyday lives, to help us live our lives with meaning and purpose.  And we want to prepare for his coming to meet us at the end of our lives on this earth.

So, we begin with our longing, our desire and our hope.

When we wake up, each day this week, we could light that candle, just by taking a few moments to focus.  We could pause for a minute at the side of our bed, or while putting on our slippers or our robe, and light an inner candle.  Who among us doesn't have time to pause for a moment?  We could each find our own way to pray something like this:
“Lord, the light I choose to let into my life today is based on my trust in you.  It is a weak flame, but I so much desire that it dispel a bit more darkness today.  Today, I just want to taste the longing I have for you as I go to the meeting this morning, carry out the responsibilities of my work, face the frustration of some difficult relationships.  Let this candle be my reminder today of my hope in your coming.”
Each morning this week, that momentary prayer might get more specific, as it prepares us for the day we will face.  And as we head to work, walk to a meeting, rush through lunch, take care of errands, meet with people, pick up the phone to return some calls, answer e-mail, return home to prepare a meal, listen to the ups and downs of our loved ones' day, we can take brief moments to relate our desire for the three comings of the Lord to our life.

If our family has an Advent wreath, or even if it doesn't, we could pray together before our evening meal.  As we light the first candle on the wreath, or as we simply pause to pray together our normal grace.  Then, as we begin to eat, we can invite each other, including the children, to say something about what it means today to light this first candle.

Perhaps we could ask a different question each night, or ask about examples from the day.  How am I getting in touch with the longing within me?  How did I prepare today?  What does it mean to prepare to celebrate his coming 2,000 years ago?  How can we prepare to experience his coming into our lives this year?  What does it mean for us now, with our world involved in so much conflict? How are we being invited to trust more deeply?  How much more do we long for his coming to us, in the midst of the darkness in our world?  In what ways can we renew our lives so we might be prepared to greet him when he comes again?  Our evening meal could be transformed this week, if we could shape some kind of conversation together that lights a candle of anticipation in our lives.  Don't worry if everyone isn't “good at” this kind of conversation at first.  We can model it, based on our momentary pauses throughout each day, in which we are discovering deeper and deeper desires, in the midst of our everyday lives.

And every night this week, we can pause briefly, perhaps as we sit for a minute at the edge of the bed.  We can be aware of how that one, small candle's worth of desire brought light into this day.  And we can give thanks.  Going to bed each night this week with some gratitude is part of the preparation for growing anticipation and desire.

Come, Lord Jesus!  Come and visit your people. 
We await your coming.  Come, O Lord.

Prayers for the First Sunday of Advent 
Entrance Antiphon:  
To you, my God, I lift my soul,
I trust in you; let me never come to shame.
Do not let my enemies laugh at me.
Grant your faithful, we pray, almighty God,
the resolve to run forth to meet your Christ
with righteous deeds at his coming, so that, gathered at his right hand,
they may be worthy to possess the heavenly kingdom.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever . 
Today's Readings
Daily Meditation: 
Judah shall be safe and Jerusalem dwell secure.
We begin Advent coming to the Lord who promises to keep us safe. In awe we say:
“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul!”
Psalm 25
Let's begin this week with a deeply felt prayer.
Even if we don't know exactly what we need or long for,
today, let's try to express our desire for God's help and assistance.
The days are coming, says the Lord, when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel and Judah  Jeremiah 33
He guides the humble to justice,
he teaches the humble his way. 

Psalm 25
Today's Daily Reflection
To God our Father, who has given us the grace
to wait in  graceful hope for the revelation of
our Lord Jesus Christ, let us make our prayer:
Show us your mercy, Lord.

Sanctify us in mind and body,
- keep us without sin until the coming of your Son.

Make us walk this day in holiness,
- and live upright and devout lives in this world.

May we be clothed in our Lord Jesus Christ,
- and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Lord, help us to stand watchful and ready,
- until your Son is revealed in all his glory.

Closing Prayer:
Lord God,
I sense your power, your might
and I stand in awe, painfully aware
of how poor and weak I am before you.
As I begin this Advent journey,
teach me to turn to you in my fear and sorrow.
I don't want to keep making my heart hard against you
turning a deaf ear to your invitation.
Only you can help me to soften,
to be like the clay in your gentle potter's hands. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Sexual Assault: A Different View...

from frequent commenter "shawnd".

Shawnd (and we thank him) makes some very good points and brings up issues I've thought of often.  He left this comment on the post Matt Lauer: True or False?...

The following is his response to my saying:
 "This is going to have a huge backlash against women. I see a future where companies will be reluctant to hire a woman due to the many problems that could occur.
The commies are not content to pit black against white, liberal against conservative.  Now they are trying (and succeeding) at making men and women enemies. 
Ladies - be careful what you wish for."

I may be getting cynical in my old age, or maybe I just have a heart of stone, but my policy is "proof or it never happened." I've been on the receiving end of 2 false "sexual harassment" complaints by the same bitch who didn't like being my subordinate.
I would eventually rid my workplace of her, but it left a mark on me that never left. I'm also friends with a couple of guys, who are really popular with women, and got fired for refusing to bang their female bosses. I've had female co-workers attempt to get fresh with me as well. It took a lot of patience in dealing with HR flacks etc, but those were handled appropriately. They would be more drops in the backlash bucket. That's why the #metoo hysteria being pushed on Twatter shouldn't be taken seriously.
I've seen some serious abuse being heaped on the men who foolishly attempted to post their experiences related to that hashtag as an expression with the women posting. You enjoyed it, they would say. Man up, stop whining, the list goes on. Female on male harassment is more common than any of us are really comfortable contemplating, but we don't hear much about it for the just posted reasons.
I've reported on 2 trials of men falsely accused of rape, where the "victims" repeatedly perjured themselves, they skated on those charges, while the real victims had their lives destroyed. One man was a husband whose wife lost their baby due to the stress of him being falsely put on trial for his life, the other was an old teacher who went to an early grave for the same reasons. That's the pussy pass in action right there. These stories don't even begin to cover the dozens of phony rape accusations I've heard throughout my life and the off the record comments I've heard from ER nurses who say they believe 90% percent of rape accusations are false. They would be in a good position to know. Whenever I had to deal with a female staffer, it would be done with witnesses, and cameras in my office. Mentoring a woman was out of the question. No woman was going to destroy my marriage or my life for the crime of being a man trying to help a young upcoming woman.
I used to think that was bad, that it couldn't get any worse, but I was wrong, dead wrong. Now I don't work with or for women anymore. Misogyny? Even if that were true, it has no bearing on the truthfulness of these observations.
C@nts like Megyn Kelly don't realize (or care) the depths of caring and goodwill men have for women, but it is not limitless. Once the abuse Rubicon has been crossed, there is no going back. That point has arrived for many men, and it will only get worse. So, yes Adrienne, the backlash will be severe, and it won't be because of the lying, rationalizing excuses feminazis warthogs and their marginal lackeys peddle that men hate female success. It will be because they're fed up with the abuse and don't have any more f@cks left to give. We're seeing an explosion of Pickup artistry, men checking out, an epidemic of men departing to climates where women haven't been taught to hate men. So we see an endless parade of whiny articles of where have all the good men gone with the tone of it's all men's fault, those selfish pricks.
Femc@unts have long shrilly screamed backlash as though it will come from a shadowy, sinister right wing cabal, or perhaps those icky, knuckle dragging males will resort to violence, mayhem and murder as a backlash, but it doesn't have to be bring serious harm.
Enough men check out, refuse to marry, pay taxes to feed the feminazi beast, stop protecting women the whole system collapses. All the while the men either shrug their shoulders, bring canisters of gasoline/matches and chant "burn baby burn." Men are at their most dangerous when they have nothing to lose. And these kinds will discover the hard way that the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Did Matt Lauer commit the crime of false imprisonment?...

it appears so.

Keeping with my axiom which states "all news is fake news until proven otherwise", I will say that if the following is true, Matt Lauer committed a serious crime, and it appears that NBC was in full knowledge making them culpable also. 

From Daily Wire:  emphasis and comment supplied by moi
[...]Perhaps most bizarre, Lauer, Variety claims, had something referred to as a "Lauer lock": Lauer "had a button under his desk that allowed him to lock his door from the inside without getting up … It allowed him to welcome female employees and initiate inappropriate contact while knowing nobody could walk in on him.”  It also prevented the women from leaving which was conveniently left out of the equation by the author.
At least two women reported that they were exposed to sexual harassment that involved the lock button. 
Variety says that they spoke to "dozens" of women over the course of a two-month investigation, but Variety's reporters also say they didn't need to do specific interviews: that Lauer's behavior was an open secret among NBC employees and that management went out of its way to ignore Lauer's sexual impropriety.   IMO there is no way that NBC could not have known about that button.  If they didn't, please remember that "ignorance is no excuse under the law."

From Legal Information Institute:


False imprisonment is an act punishable under criminal law as well as under tort law. Under tort law, it is classified as an intentional tort. A a person commits false imprisonment when he commits an act of restraint on another person which confines that person in a bounded area. 

Prima Facie Case

  1.  The defendant willfully acts . . .
  2.  . . . intending to confine the plaintiff without the plaintiff's consent and without authority of law
  3. the defendant's act causes the plaintiff's confinement
  4. the plaintiff is aware of his/her own confinement
  5. Bounded Area

    An act of restraint can be a physical barrier (such as a locked door), the use of physical force to restrain, a failure to release, or an invalid use of legal authority.  An area is only bounded if freedom of movement is limited in all directions.  If there is a reasonable means of escape from the area, the area is not bounded. However, if the means of escaping will result in the risk of physical harm to the detainee, then the area is bounded. Further, threatening to harm the detainee's family if the detainee leaves would also result in the area being bounded. 

I'm not a legal eagle beagle so it took me a few days to snap to the false imprisonment ramification. 

You can bet on lawyers, smelling blood and $$$ in the water, already being lined up twenty deep to represent the complaining women. 

That's all I have to say about Matt Lauer.  I'm already bored with the subject and think what North Korea is doing deserving of more of our attention.


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